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Game Play Rules / Calling Shots

Updated: May 17, 2022

If you arrive as the nets are being set up, you must allow those who have arrived ahead of you to play first. Place your “name” tile in the play slot on top of the other tiles waiting for a court to open.

At the end of a game, the winners’ name tiles are put in the play slot ahead of their opponents. Ensure that you understand how the rotation system works, so there is no confusion.

Game Scoring - Always say the score audibly before each point to avoid confusion.

Balls “In” and “Out” - If the ball is “out” on your side, call it out. If you are unsure, ask your partner to call (do not engage your opponents). If you and your partner can only conclude that the ball “looked out” or you “think it was out”, then it is “IN”. The ball should be called “OUT” only when it is “conclusively out”.

If you are hit by a ball, don’t take offence. It might hurt, but it happens.

If a ball gets caught on your side of the net, pick it up (don’t kick it). Direct it to the server who should have his / her hand in the air.

If you want to move around an active court, wait until play is over. Movement is a visual distraction.

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