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Our Evolution

In 2014 a group of 12 players purchased a couple of Pickleball nets and some paint and created our 2 courts (underneath the basketball net ...... for 3 pointers).  The added challenge, the unique Newboro bounce, as the asphalt was so pockmarked a ball might go in any direction, or hit the overhanging trees.

Wet grass

We Evolved ..... with a little help

As the group grew, fundraising projects were undertaken to resurface the court to eliminate the pesky Newboro Bounce.  Amazingly, the small group of 20 or so players raised just under $10,000.  


As we neared our goal, unbeknownst to us Rideau Lakes Township had secured a Trillium grant for the entire Memorial Park Complex (soccer, baseball and the playground), which included a significant upgrade in our plans for Pickleball.


The result as you can see is nothing short of impressive! 

Those who play elsewhere will understand how great it is to not have to set up nets, (three (3) permanent court-nets) and a fourth court lined for a temporary net or basketball.

Playing whenever  weather permits

March 16 2022 going to 13C tomorrow.jpeg
Court & Gazebo.jpg

As a Recreational Club

We play for Fun & Exercise

Since we began our goal is to have fun and exercise.  Winning is an outcome and our Round Robin format helps beginners to quickly learn the game and expand the pool of more experienced players.  

Club members have exclusive access to the 3 permanent courts from 8am till Noon seven (7) days a week, throughout the season.

We have a system to ensure rotation is prompt and everyone gets equal play in both time and caliber.

As a Township facility, anyone is free to use these courts from midday till sunset.

Breen with a smile.jpeg


All Levels

Members of all levels from beginners to advanced are welcome to play.



(weather permitting)

Advanced Players

Competitive Players from 3.5-5 have access from:




(weather permitting)


Members of all levels who often have full time jobs, or are coming to the cottage, are welcome.


(weather permitting)


Members of Intermediate/Advanced levels will be playing Round-Robin style, more competitive play.


(weather permitting)

PBX March 16.jpeg


White Satin

For the Benefit of Everyone!

Good Sportsmanship is our Motto​

Pickleball is a Social Sport​

Game Play Rules / Calling Shots​

Advanced and Lower Level Player Interaction​


Be sure to enjoy the day!

White Satin

Good Sportsmanship is our Motto


Yes, you love the game, but remember it is only a game. Respecting all players of all levels is paramount.


Complaining, disagreeing, grumbling, bullying and sarcasm are negative traits that are socially unacceptable and undermine play. Such behaviour will result in your removal from play, indefinitely!

White Satin

Rotational System


Upon arrival, be sure to allow those before you to play first.

Place your paddle (with your name on the top) in the holder and wait for a court to open.

When a game ends, wait for the adjacent court to finish the current point.  At which time the inner courts  slide to the outer, so there is but one interruption to their active game.

After exiting the courts promptly (no socializing on the courts please), the 4 participating paddles are put in either the winners or non-winners holder.


If you are unsure, ask so there is no confusion. All paddles must go in the holder before the 4 players leave for play.

White Satin

Pickleball while a Social Sport....

All 3 courts.jpeg

“Social” does not necessarily mean “fun”. Many advanced participants are eager to play an “intense” game (check out the hyperlink), so do not disparage them.


“Social” does not mean players want to “socialize” off court. Some spectators are not interested in idle talk. Read body language!

White Satin

Calling Shots

Game Scoring - Always say the score loudly so that the opponents can acknowledge it as correct. Scoring to "11" win by 2 points when only 3 courts are in use.  Once the 4th court portable net is in use all games stop at 11 as there are players waiting.

Balls “In” and “Out” - If the ball is “out” on your side, call it out.

Unsure?  Partner unsure?  then it is “IN”..... Do not engage your opponents.

If you and your partner conclude that the ball “looked out” or you “think it was out”, then it is “IN”.

The ball should be called “OUT” only when it is “conclusively out”.

Court Etiquette

If a ball gets caught on your side of the net, pick it up (don’t kick it). Direct it to the server who should have his / her hand in the air.  If a ball comes onto your court from any other court, play must immediately stop, for the safety of all concerned.

How every game should end.JPG
White Satin

Advanced and Lower Level Player Interaction


To build a developing player’s confidence and skill, play them in a manner that permits them to handle the shot, including your serve. 

If you are playing with a weaker player, don't POACH.  This hinders their development.

Many advanced players prefer playing with similar players, and will wait until the end to have this opportunity, so if you are at a lower level, and want to play, consider backing down and be a spectator. You will learn something.

All 4 courts and the gazebo_edited.png

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